Qualified Estate Wines

Qualified Estate Wines (Vins de Finca Qualificada, QEW) are the epitome of the close tie between winemaking and the local area. For this reason, as part of the ambitious Horitzó2025 transformation process, INCAVI is allocating greater resources towards the QEW Project in order to improve the standing of Catalan wines in key markets around the world based on these unique wines.

The QEW Project seeks to increase the prestige of Catalan wine and of the sector as a whole

This distinction is an acknowledgement
of the winemakers’ continuous efforts in
their vineyards, along with their hard work, consistency and high standards. It also honours their long-standing commitment
to the land, an essential factor in bringing cohesion to the region and providing it with the means for economic and social development.

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The QEW honours the long-standing commitment of wineries to their land

Preservation of wine heritage.
Catalonia is currently producing better wines than ever and the QEW distinction attests to INCAVI’s determination to showcase and value this achievement.

At present there are a total of 20 Qualified Estate Wines from 6 separate designations of origin (DO). These wines are proof that excellence is the best way to guarantee the continued existence and development of activity in the rural landscape.

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What are the main requirements to be a QEW?


Be registered for a minimum of 10 years as a designation of origin.


The maximum yield of wine production must be 15% lower than the maximum established in the DO specifications and receive a higher mark from the tasting committee.


The wine must be produced in a specific environment, with its own soil and microclimate characteristics.


The winery and the wine to receive the QEW qualification must have a track record of prestige and quality in the market spanning a period of no less than 10 years.


Specific and comprehensive traceability must be ensured from the production right up to the point of sale.

Qualified State Wines across the region

14 wines from 6 designations of origin have been awarded this distinction


Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

V d’O 2

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image 6


Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

Teixar, Les Tallades de Cal Nicolau

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image 61


Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

Vinya La Scala, Le Havre, Vinya Gigi, Vinya Palau, Avi Ton, Raïms de la immortalitat


Pla de Bages

Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

Arnau Oller, 3.9, Singular Blanc, Special Piquepoul Noir

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image 62


Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

Clos Mogador, Mas de la Rosa, Clos Fontà, Coma Blanca


Terra Alta

Origin Denomination

Qualified State Wines

Mas Edetària Selecció, La Serra Blanc

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