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Pla de Bages

Denominació d’Origen

Arnau Oller

Celler Heretat Oller del Mas

VFQ des de 2015

El paisatge i el clima del Bages són els grans protagonistes d’aquest vi de guarda, elegant i de gran complexitat.



Merlot, picapoll negre


En pendents suaus, terrenys francoargilosos i secà

Edat de la vinya

Mitjana de 27 anys


Botes noves de roure francès d’Allier de 500 litres de 12 mesos. Criança en ampolla de 12 mesos

image 63
image 63


Abadal Winery

QEW since 2016

The long history of this family winery and its characteristic vineyards nestled between woodland make this wine a prime example of tradition and modernity that is rooted in the land.

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Cabernet sauvignon and syrah


High loam and clay content with presence of calcareous rock

Age of vines

More than 30 years old


Aged for 14 months in oak barrels

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image 61

Singular Blanc


VFQ since 2023

This wine testifies that Bages was and is a land of vineyards, and being a VFQ at heart is an explicit recognition of our people.



100% Macabeo


Sedimentary sandy loam of fluvial origin, 303 metres above sea level, planted using the Gobelet vine training system

Age of the vines

Planted around 1910

Winemaking process

Fermentation and aging in mixed French oak and acacia casks for 9 month


Special Piquepoul Noir

Oller del Mas

The maximum expression of our climate and our soil, a recovered variety: Piquepoul Noir, which expresses elegance. A persistent and delicate wine



100% Piquepoul Noir


omes from the Margenat plot, where organic and regenerative viticulture play a very important role. A loamy soil with low levels of organic matter, 16% clay, 37% silt and 47% sand

Age of the vines

15 years

Winemaking process

Aging in 500 litre Slovenian oak vats, cement egg and amphorae for 9 months. Subsequently, aging of at least 6 months in the bottle

Oller del Mas