More than 750 wineries, 57,000 hectares and 9,500 winegrowers, a productive front that looks towards the future and aims to build it responsibly.

The mosaic of cellars we have nowadays is the result of generations and life trajectories, of centuries of history all built around vineyards. Thousands of men and women who dedicate their lives towards a single goal, and that is to make wines, an expression of our land in a bottle. From family run cellars with a long tradition, to modern cooperatives, to the great brands of Catalan wines and caves recognized worldwide. A coexistence which goes to show the great diversity of wines that Catalonia is home to.

But the concept of a cellar doesn’t end in its facilities, machinery, tools and processes. They’re also driving motivations on a personal, cultural, and local level. Together all these factors make up the character we can find in every single barrel and bottle of Catalan wine, and in these we discover the soul of our winemakers, too. Within every winery we find unquantifiable amounts of our history and heritage all threaded in the fabric of our history.

Above all though, every cellar cannot help but to yearn to transcend it’s own walls to bring a little of itself into our homes in the form of wine.