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Catalonia is a country that finds its stronghold in quality winemaking. In our wines you can find the day to day truth of our territory and history. In a bottle you can get to know the people and vineyards, a discovery and enjoyment for all your senses.

The over 350 million bottles that are produced every year are tangible proof of the capacity and competitiveness this industry has, with an incredible historical and cultural backlog to support all of it.

years of history of wines and vineyards.
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More than 750 wineries, 57,000 hectares and 9,500 winegrowers, a productive front that looks towards the future and aims to build it responsibly.

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Get to know the 12 Designations of Origin

Making wine under an Origin Denomination (Denominació d’Origen in Catalan) is a guarantee of quality in production, a reflection of Catalan and European history and tradition that we want to share with the world.

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Wine tourism in Catalunya

Behind every bottle there’s a whole world for you to discover. A universe which opens wide when you uncork it, and which when you taste it reveals its honest character, the nature of the landscape where it was made, the personality of the people who’ve shaped it and the spirit that’s made it grow. Do wine tourism in Catalonia and experience the magic of its wines.

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